Goodman Photography provides unique photography and Custom Framing service to Victoria and South Australia. View our portfolio for examples of our work or contact us or visit us at our shop, workshop and Gallery 31 Julia Street, Portland to discuss your requirements.

We produce high quality professionally finished images. This is possible with professional photographic and post production equipment. With 20 years of experience in various advertising fields including printing, prepress, post production and photography. Knowledge of the entire process is key to a quality end product; from taking the photos to rgb to cmyk colour breakdown to printing on various formats. Goodman Photography specializes in but is not limited to drone imagery and movies, architecture, creative portraits, landscape photography and digital retouching, manipulation, creative advertising and Custom Picture framing.

Custom Picture Framing, store/workshop/studio at 31 Julia Street Portland (Next to Hammonds Paints). See our extensive moulding and samples range. Our Gallery is open most days depending on if I am out shooting. You're welcome to call and make an appointment on 0401 827 360.

We service clients in and around Warrnambool, Portland, Port Fairy and as far as Melbourne.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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  • 46 Beechwood View Bolwarra_DSLR_1129
  • 205 Dutton Way Bolwarra_Dslr_0261
  • 410 Cape Nelson Rd Portland_DSLR_0354 1
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  • 46 Beechwood View Bolwarra_DSLR_1162_Straight
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