Custom Picture Framing

Goodman Photography offer a sharp well finished framing product. Quality workmanship in this trade is a must and we believe our product is of a very high standard. We strive to give you what you want at the right price while taking into account the archival needs of the media you provide.

Providing clients with a digital mockup of custom frames can really promote confidence that the final product is what you want.

We offer photographic processing services. These are processing in Melbourne. We say processed because they are not printed. A traditional wet process where the paper is developed and fixed using photographic chemicals. This means that unlike inkjet printing where the ink sits on top of the paper surface and ink colour can alter the reflective properties of the paper, all colour in the photographic print is locked away behind a top layer (like a laminate) and therefore have the same reflectivity. The paper receives the image via LED lights, that expose the paper as super high resolutions to create pixel-free images, with a huge range of colours and tonal quality.

  • Mock Frame
  • Mock Frame2
  • GP Framing_0017
  • Frame side_0018